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Station sismologique OGAG du réseau RESIF-RLBP-RAP-RENAG, située sur la commune de l’Argentière-la-bessée (05) – Hautes-Alpes


Description : This image shows the mining gallery that houses the OGAG seismological station of the RESIF-RLBP-RAP-RENAG network. This station is located in the commune of Argentière-la-bessée. The site has been instrumented since 1995. In 2009, as part of the INTERREG RISE project, it was completely modernised (new instruments, installation of an electrical cabinet). The seismological station is located in a former storage gallery of the silver mines of Argentière-la-Bessée. This gallery is about 30m long, the station is located about 20 meters from the entrance. This site hosts three types of instruments : an accelerometer (RAP), a velocimeter (RLBP) and a geodetic station (RENAG). On this image we can see the work in progress during the modernization of the site, with here the realization of a concrete slab (14 bags of 35kg concrete carried on men's backs over 200m of elevation difference!!!) designed to receive the two ground motion sensors. This slab provides a flat surface for the sensors and guarantees the quality of the coupling to the rock. This observation site is part of the French seismological and geodetic network RESIF, a national research infrastructure dedicated to the observation and understanding of the structure and dynamics of the Internal Earth. RESIF is based on high-tech observation networks, composed of seismological, geodetic and gravimetric instruments deployed in a dense manner throughout France. The data collected make it possible to study with high spatial and temporal resolution the deformation of the ground, surface and deep structures, seismicity on a local and global scale and natural hazards, and more particularly seismic events, on French territory. RESIF is part of the European (EPOS - European Plate Observing System) and global systems of instruments used to image the Earth's interior as a whole and to study many natural phenomena.
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