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Soils-Materials-Structures Integrity and Sustainability


The SMS-ID laboratory (Soils-Materials-Structures Integrity and Sustainability) was a research team (EA 4126) under the supervision of INSA Lyon.

The laboratory, located on the Lyon-tech la Doua campus in Villeurbanne, brought together civil engineering faculty and more specifically the mechanics of structures, materials and geomechanics.


Since 1 January 2018, the laboratory is called GEOMAS.


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Cisaillement Composite coats Generalized continuum models Dalle béton armé Band gaps Band-gap phenomena Electrical resistivity tomography Continuum mixture model Finite-element analysis Background analysis BENTONITE Impact Contact Endommagement CISAILLEMENT Slab Finite element Experiments Tension ARGILE Dry joints Interface DALLE Equivalent plastic deviatory strain BETON ARME Dynamic problems Bone tissue Reflection Haiti Discrete element method Planar harmonic waves Wave propagation Transmission Charge mobile CHARGE LOCALISEE Size effects Bioengineering Domain decomposition FEM Dynamic beams CFRP Free swell index Formation/resorption processes Hybrid Asynchronous Finite element model Hysteresis behavior Fluid–structure interaction Concrete slab Analyse des structures Dispersion Shear Enriched continua Heterogeneous asynchronous time integrator CHARGE Micromorphic elasticity Eurocode 2 Cohesive bonds Bio-mechanics Dynamique des poutres Effective properties Explicit Earth mortar Grain breakage Experiments Buried interface Axial forces Brick Concrete Gradient micro-inertia Concrete damaged plasticity Complete band-gaps Free micro-inertia Band-gaps Explicit time integrator EXPERIMENTATION Finite element modeling Coarse granular media Generalized continua Dynamic problem Engineering challenges Discrete Element Modelling Anisotropy 3D modelling Elastic wave Experiment Earthquakes Code coupling methods Concentrated load Centrale nucléaire Hard X-ray photoemission Finite difference method Fresh Wood Differential Seismic Excitation Elasticity Damage FEM/SEM co-simulation Fitting of the elastic coefficients Finite Element Model Couches composites Relaxed micromorphic model Artificial bio-resorbable material








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