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Spin-polarized electron gas Hysteresis Coherence time Indium compounds Bose–Einstein condensation Phonons Diacetylene crystals Magnetic semiconductor Faraday rotation Acoustic phonons Carrier density and Curie temperature Spin waves Optical properties Semiconductor superlattices GaMnAs thin films Cavité optique Gallium arsenide Brillouin scattering Quantum well Ultra-fast optical measurements Raman spectra Annealing Cooper pair BODIPY Charged excitons trions Absorption Raman spectroscopy Crystal structure II-VI semiconductors Carrier induced ferromagnetism Domain effects Time-resolved photoluminescence Polydiacetylene Optical orientation Biexciton excited state Acoustic propreties of solid Photoluminescence Excitons Quantum dots Electronic Raman scattering GaAs Frenkel excitons Domain structure Magnetic anisotropy Aluminium Magnetization curves Kerr microscopy Gallium compounds Diluted magnetic semiconductors Semiconductors Raman scattering Pauli blocking Spin relaxation and scattering BCS theory Composite boson many-body theory Bubble Biexciton binding energy A nanostructure Nanowires Waveguide Atmospheric environment BCS ansatz Boson systems Charged excitons Cavities WELLS Two-dimensional electron gas Chromatic transition Spin dynamics Richardson equations Circular polarization Cavity resonators Canonical partition function Aluminium compounds Acoustic filters Semiconductor quantum dots Canonical ensemble Fluorescence High-speed optical techniques Energy transfer III-V semiconductors Exciton condensate Magnetic domains X-ray diffraction Superconductivity Bubbles Acoustic Quantum wire Biexciton Schrodinger equation Circular Polarization Magnetic semiconductors Cavity optomechanics GaMnAs Hyperfine interaction Anisotropic Exchange Splitting Cadmium compounds Semiconductor quantum wells Superconducting gap Zeeman splitting Acoustic wave velocity Optical creation of spin polarized carriers