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Affine spherical homogeneous spaces of minimal rank Random polynomial 16S35 Bernstein-Lusztig relations 14L30 Adapted pair Bad group Affine and three pointed affine Lie algebras Actions de groupes ACVF Finite Morley rank 2-Toroidal Lie algebras Algèbre enveloppante Banach space Beautiful pairs Random matrix Local fields Fields with operators CM-triviality Cup and cap products Group Stability Ampleur Algebraicity conjecture Model Theory Multiloop algebra Kac-Moody groups Dp-minimal Barycentric subdivisions Ahlbrandt-Ziegler 14G22 Continuous logic NIP B-function Moment map Amenability Buildings 51E24 $\aleph0$-categorical Algèbre Reconstruction Automorphism groups Groupes polonais Simple Ample line bundle Hecke algebras Betti numbers Amalgamation construction 14L15 Bad field Distal Approximate subgroup Coherence Barycentric subdivision 20E42 Belkale-Kumar cohomology Polish groups Pseudo-differential operator Building Ampleness Adapted pairs 20G10 Reductive group scheme Ballot numbers Laurent polynomials 2010 MSC Primary 17B65 Cohomologie de Cech Definability Hilbert scheme Model theory Bad fields Masure Koszulness Hochschild cohomology Commuting variety Algèbre enveloppante quantifiée Symplectic reduction 14L27 Ample generics Simplicial complex Algebraic group Automorphism group Metric structures Analysable Amalgamation method Automorphism Group $aleph0$-categorical Group action Real projective manifold Decreasingness Torsor Convergent presentations Automatic continuity Poisson centre Algèbre de Lie semi-simple Bergman kernel Atomic model Internal Hovel Parabolic algebra

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