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DEEP laboratory (Wastes Water Environment Pollutions) conducts multidisciplinary research in environmental engineering, from pilot-scale experimentation to the long-term monitoring on real sites in industrial and urban environments. The knowledge, methods, processes and models produced by the laboratory allow concrete actions to preserve or restore the environment, in two areas of application: (1) urban water and hydrosystems, (2) solid waste, polluted sediments and soils.

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Biofilm Modélisation Dry processes Biomass characterization Environnement Ceriporiopsis subvermispora Orage Hospital wastewater Enzymatic hydrolysis Digestion anaerobie Heap Cattle manure Constructed wetland Métrologie Ensilage Stormwater Sediment Infiltration Environmental evaluation Eaux pluviales Environmental impact Micropollutants Concentration AOP Bottom ash Déchet agricole Vertical flow constructed wetland Anaerobic treatment Biomethane potential Mass transfer Réseau d'assainissement Agricultural wastes Dredged marine sediments Activated sludge Biogaz Ecotoxicity Gasification Impact environnemental Biochemical methane potential Rain water Biodegradation Methane potential Wastewater treatment GESTION Municipal solid waste Monitoring Bacteria Infiltration basin Mechanical biological treatment Charge polluante Eaux usées Conceptual modelling Ageing process Composting Station d'épuration Anaerobic digestion Déchets Fumier de bovin Dynamic design EAU PLUVIALE Ensiling Environment Ferric chloride Adsorption Leaching Biomass Biogas purification Hydrogen sulfide Additives Design-support modelling Epuration Aerobic treatment Sludge Characterization Geochemical modeling Biogas Agricultural waste Combined sewer overflow Pollutant Ammonium Sludge deposits Storage Humification Design Autosurveillance Pharmaceuticals Green roof Adsorption capacity Stockage Matière organique Micropollutant Arsenic Geochemical modelling Compostage Méthanisation Deposit Microalgae Stormwater management Acid and Basic Neutralization Capacity Organic matter







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