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Reliability WIRELESS Coverage Data protection Autonomous Driving IEEE 80211 Communication sans fil Wireless networks Resiliency Informatique Télécommunications Services MAC Optimisation Ad hoc networks SCALABILITY Body Area Networks Embedded Perception Privacy Reader anticollision problem AD HOC NETWORKS Situation Awareness Auto-organisation Computer arithmetic Réseaux de capteurs RFID Cognitive radio Self-organization Connectivity Game theory Wireless Sensor Networks Resource allocation Internet of Things Routage Authentication Attacks Systèmes distribués Collision Risk Assessment Perception Mobile systems Regulation Wireless sensor networks Personal data Air pollution monitoring Routing Autonomous Vehicles Throughput AL-FEC codes Accountability Distributed systems Deployment Quality of service Qualité de service Scheduling Wi-Fi M2M Capacity Noisy Channel-Output Feedback Linear Deterministic Interference Channel Réseaux ad hoc Middleware WSN Réseaux sans fil JVM Allocation de ressources Architecture OSGi Nash equilibrium Information-energy capacity region Sécurité MAC layer Security Energy efficiency Réseaux de capteurs sans fil Localization AD HOC IoT Sensors Network Embedded Systems Energy Motion Capture Ordonnancement Performance evaluation Information Technology Wireless communication Surveillance SELF-ORGANIZATION Energy consumption Vie privée Data aggregation Java Wireless sensor network Vehicular networks OFDM Bayesian Perception Sensor networks Tracking Smartphone Simulation